Relationship Intelligence

with Ravi Kandal

November 4 - 5, 2022

Build Influence God's Way

Lead with Wisdom & Creativity​

Create a Culture of Impact​

Weekend Workshop - Limited seats available!

You have a heart to impact people and you love to see them thriving and walking fully in their God-given potential. Relationship Intelligence is the piece to help you consistently bring the wisdom of God to people and to create opportunities for Christ-like favor to invade relationships.

In the Relationship Intelligence Workshop, you can expect to learn:

Keynote Speaker


Ravi Kandal

Founder of Kingdom Foundations & Radical Transformation 4

Since Ravi’s radical salvation, he has been uniquely gifted to hear the audible voice of God, whom Ravi affectionately calls Daddy. This gift has allowed Ravi to make remarkable impacts around the world in various spheres from witch doctors to world leaders. This journey of obedience has opened doors for incredible opportunities not only to serve the physical needs of the broken and needy but also to impart healing, hope, and destiny to people around the world. Radical Transformation 4 (RT4) is the message that was imparted to Ravi during a time of personal turmoil. In an extended season of encounters with God, Ravi not only stepped into personal restoration but into a profound understanding of how hurt is formed. With this understanding, Ravi was able to learn how healing can be released to a person’s behaviors, emotions, memories, and spiritual authority.

Ravi married his wife Julie and together in 2004 founded Kingdom Foundations (KFS). Both share a passion to see the love of Christ to encounter those living in darkness with tangible expressions of love and freedom. Currently, they reside with their four biological children in Lawrenceville, GA where they minister truth and destiny through God’s word. Separated by the ocean, but united as a family, their eight Indian, adult, adopted children reside in India.

In recent years, RT4 has been the focus of KFS. This transition with RT4 has served to renew their passion for the lost. The Kandals have found RT4 to be a powerful tool to connect people to Jesus in true freedom.


Friday, Nov 4



Saturday, Nov 5



Event Location

Williams High School
440 South 7th Street
Williams, AZ. 86046

Registration Fee

$140 per person$250 per couple.   Registration and Three Meals are included.
If finances provide a significant challenge for you, please communicate your circumstances to us via email:

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Couple RI Workshop 2-Monthly Payments

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Relationship Intelligence


The Relationship Intelligence conference was an eye opening experience. I was able to be healed from mindsets that were holding me back. Ravi and his entire team brought amazing messages that helped take my old beliefs and replace them with Jesus beliefs.

Hannah K.

The Relationship Intelligence conference was an amazing experience. I was able to learn new concepts to not only apply to my personal life but in my career as an educator. One big takeaway is that God invites us into creativity when we make space for Him. I experienced emotional healing and learned new ways to see Jesus throughout my day.

Tara K.

It was amazing to hear prophecy so detailed & accurate but it was a reflection to me on how God knows the details of our lives. The Relationships Intelligence was the most profound for me and I’m still chewing on all that was taught! RT4 was certainly life changing.

Rachel C.

It has increased my prayer language, and worship. I am feeling encouraged in the Lord and facing fear, and learning to release the old. I filled a dumpster with all the things I have been able to let go!​

Heidi D.

I feel like God is giving me all the missing puzzle pieces and He is providing a crystal clear picture for me to understand what is going on in our house. And by doing that, He is also giving me the tools that I need. It is like my eyes were opened and I can see.

Annelise B.