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This is us....

I want to introduce you to our family. Ravi and I have 11 children. Yes, you heard that right 11! It all started 15 years ago when we adopted 7 beautiful children. Three girls and four boys, at the same time all between 6-8 years old. After adopting our 7th child we decided we weren’t quite done yet and added four of our own.  


This is the last family photo of us together (Aadhi is here, but in the womb)

In 2015 God called us to move to America to begin ministry here. As we made the transition to America, our hearts were so torn as legally we could not bring our 7 adopted children with us. You can imagine how incredibly painful it was for all of us. Yet Ravi and I heard from the Lord that this was His plan and that He would take care of our children. At the time we left, they were all grown and in their early twenties.  

When we arrived in America I was eight months pregnant with our fourth biological child. He was very much a surprise and a sweet gift from the Lord.  His name Aadhi means “new beginnings”. Truly his birth was a prophetic picture of the season that we were beginning and have been in. While our time here has been very rich, it has remained a constant ache in my heart for our four little ones and ourselves to return to India to visit our children there. 


Introducing the Happy Couples

So, you might be wondering why I am giving you a little snapshot of our family. Well, we have some very exciting news that we want to share with you and invite you to partner with us. As you mothers and fathers know, our children grow up and become adults so quickly. How does it happen so fast?! And just like that, two of our precious children in India are getting married in June, a week and a half apart from each other!! Let me share with you a little bit about our daughter and son.  

Solomon & Schweta

Our son Solomon is a true gentleman. Solomon has faced hard things in his younger years and has grown to be such a mature young man.  He is wise beyond his years and is very quiet natured. He has a calling of leadership on his life. Ravi and I have watched him in the last couple of years truly become a young man after God’s heart. His desire is to be a light in the business world in India. He is currently working for a company that provides curriculum for schools.  He is engaged to a precious woman named Schweta. Just over a year ago Schweta gave her heart to the Lord and was baptized two months ago. Solomon will be getting married on June 23rd. We could not be more excited and prouder of both of them and their decisions to follow the calling that God has on their lives.

Shridhar & Shobha

Our daughter Shobha is very much like her father. She has such a heart for the Lord and for ministry. She loves to preach and teach the word of God. She has an incredible strength in the Lord. She is fun-loving and sensitive. She is currently working for a Christian school specializing in animation. As a Momma I couldn’t be prouder of the woman she has become.  She is engaged to a wonderful man of God named Shridhar. They have such a heart and vision to serve the Lord in India; in the villages and amongst the poor.  Their wedding is on June 13th.  

Help make this Family's Dream come true

I have tried my very best to keep this short, but I long for you to feel a tiny piece of my heart for our entire family and for our children getting married. Ravi and I, with our four little ones, are longing to return to India early this June for a month so that after these four very long years we can be reunited as a total family and truly bless and celebrate our children’s marriages.  

In order for our family to go we need your help. We need finances for plane tickets, to help pay for two weddings and to be able to live while we are there for a month. Ravi and I are asking you to prayerfully consider joining us in this journey of reuniting our family and blessing our two children as they get married. We do not have much time and we are in the process now of getting all of our passports in order to be able to purchase tickets. Would you invest in our family? What an honor it would be to us if you would help our family reunite and celebrate this joyful time!  

Much love,

Ravi & Julie Kandal

Ps. If you can come to Bangalore for the wedding we would be honored to have you attend the wedding 🙂 


Travel expenses

Family of 6

Flights ( 10-12k)

Passport Renewal (1k)

Accommodation (2K)


Wedding Expenses

2 Weddings



Travel & Wedding


Anything beyond this amount would be extremely helpful to the newlyweds to start their lives together.

Meet the Kandal Tribe

Ravi & julie










Solomon & schweta

Shobha & shridhar

Thank you For your love

We are grateful for you!!! 

We love you!!!

If there are any questions or responses we would love to hear from you. 

Thank you for taking an interest in our story.