2020 Initiatives


We’re excited about the vision that the Lord has given us at Kingdom Foundations. This last season has been primarily about laying strong organizational foundations and further developing Radical Transformation4 (RT4) through expansion outside of the ministry headquarters. It has been a very exciting year and the momentum we have gained is taking us into 2020 with great expectation!

When the Lord released RT4 to Ravi in 2012, we knew it was for impact. We didn’t know how it would happen, and even though it felt slow at times, we can now see the ministry and team taking shape just as the Lord described it would so many years ago.This was a year of growth and celebration with so many joining and ministering from their own communities and spheres of influence.We opened our first center in Minnesota and have ministry happening in Tennessee.

Radical Transformation 4 (formally known as Daddy’s Method) has proven to be extremely impactful. We have witnessed extreme transformations among those who have participated – it has brought healing to so many.We have seen precious souls healed from addictions, homosexuality, restored marriages, and many launched into new businesses and ministries! Not only is it the Lord’s desire for people to receive one-on-one coaching, which has been the most influential medium, but for RT4 to be multiplied among those who recognize its impact so that it can reach beyond the borders of those familiar with Ravi and KFS and begin to impact untouched spheres of influence. We know that it is time for many more people to be able to experience healing through this valuable kingdom work. Below you’ll find Ben’s and Kameri’s story.


RT4’s foundation is to see healing released in emotions, behaviors, and memories in order to activate spiritual authority. It is our desire to see this accomplished in each mountain of influence. In 2020, we will be actively pursuing the mountains of business, family, and church.  In order to do this, we will focus on facilitating the following events:

  • Business Revolutionist Model (BRM) Conference
  • Power Couples Conference and Counseling
  • Project Restoration – A prayer initiative for foster children
  • Multiplication of RT4 House of Healings
  • Prayer Warrior Workshops 

Our Needs to Multiply Impact in 2020

We are entering into a season of growth and busyness!  It is time for RT4 to be increased and multiplied in order to be able to bring healing and transformation to more people.  

With the new initiatives the Lord is asking of us, we believe the impact will be profound!  We need help to accomplish all of this and be able to continue to dream and create with the Lord.  To accomplish all of that we are seeing that needs to be done, we have need of additional resources including staff, media material, software, video equipment, computers, to name our most pressing needs.  

We know this is a big endeavor!  The Lord has been faithful to bring growth, and we believe now is the time for partners, like you, to help take us to the next level.  Entering into this season with consistent support will be a huge blessing that will set the stage for stable growth.  

Will you pray about becoming a financial supporter for the advancement of healing through Kingdom Foundations? 

There are three new support opportunities for those who would like to join us in this kingdom work.  It is always difficult to ask for help, and we know the time is now for us to push forward together and bring healing to those in need.  Please prayerfully consider joining us in 2020!