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Propelling people into radical living with Jesus; never to be held back again

About Our Community Of Learners

RT4 Courses are for anyone who is ready to challenge themselves to further growth. They are a great addition to any coaching program, follow-up to any program you are involved with or an opportunity to personally experience how the principles of RT4 apply to your spiritual development.

We have found that pursuing the Lord in a community dynamic is powerful. Our like-minded communities are extremely life giving and engaging.  Accountability, encouragement, and strength are found within them as you pursue change and growth with others who are doing the same.

Currently, we offer two types of courses: Live & Online and On Demand e-Courses. The Live & Online are as described. You meet on line with other students to be apart of not only teaching, but individuals are invited to participate with their questions, insights, and applied understanding. It helps to create an inspirational environment for growth and connected to like-minded learners. 

On Demand e-Courses are designed for you to go at your own pace. They contain the same teachings as the live & online, but geared towards the independent learners schedule. 

Live & Online Course

During this trying time of the Coronavirus, many are experiencing new and intensified emotions.  Fear has gripped so many as news and social media are filled with negative and fearful thoughts.  It is now a time to get control of our emotions so we can live in God’s peace and rest. 


We invite you to come on this teaching journey with us to find and discover: new direction, increased clarity,  and your Spiritual authority secured in Christ for your life!

God in Emotional Healing Conference 

Saturday, October 24th, 2020

Crosspoint Church of the Nazarene
Englewood, FL

Free Registration if registered on or before 10/18/20

Conference Speaker

Ravi Kandal

On Demand e-Courses

During this trying time of the Coronavirus, many are experiencing new and intensified emotions.  Fear has gripped so many as news and social media are filled with negative and fearful thoughts.  It is now a time to get control of our emotions so we can live in God’s peace and rest.  Fear is a manifestation of grief and shame which often brings anger. Are you finding yourself angry and fearful which is triggering grief and shame?

Trust is a behavior, born out of right thinking and healed emotions. We will explore these two fundamentals in this course. The results will bring restoration in right thinking and healthy emotions. The goal of this course is to give you 4 keys to create right godly thinking and 4 additional keys to help you live with healthy emotions. This course is prayerfully designed to see your trust repaired and help you experience the inheritance of wealth that God has for your life.

We all know change is inevitable. Every new season is an opportunity for growth and greater authority. In looking back, you can identify that in every transition you encountered there has been an opportunity to step into the next level of maturity. Of course, we all want to reap the benefits of maturity and greater authority – then why do we resist change and find it so challenging to embrace? Perhaps the answer can be found in our perception of risk as we fear what the change may bring. The goal of this course is to give you the tools to be able to respond to life with adaptability and flexibility that produce greater maturity in your life.

This course will expose the enemy’s patterns, transitioning your attention from life’s challenges to joy while engaging with God’s angelic intervention.

This course is currently in development.

In these 52 days with a proven God tactic, we will focus on rebuilding the walls of your life, shoring up any cracks, and strengthening any weaknesses while stopping the enemy’s attacks. This program will strategically focus attention on a concept each day accompanied by a community of brothers and sister pursuing the same.  This will advance us further than ever before. If you are ready to work hard and commit to this program, you will be met with results. 
This course is currently in development.


With the leading of the Lord in a time of personal need, Ravi Kandal encountered radical transformation. This brought about a complete shift for him personally. Now, marked with new found freedom, he understood this experience was not just for him. He had a message to help bring freedom to others. This season extended into three years of development producing what is now the RT4 coaching process. Rt4 has been a life changing experience for many.

If you can relate to what we have shared, we would count it a privilege to partner with you on your journey toward radical transformation. Through a coaching relationship, we look forward to help you find your destiny and live the impactful life you desire. For more about Ravi and Julie.

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Frequently asked questions

Radical Transformation 4 is designed for any believer in Jesus with a hunger to experience the “more”.

  • More fulfillment in relationships, more potential actualized, more expectations, more authority, more favor, more confidence, and more peace.
  • For those who desire to see a greater impact and overflow in their life or ministry.
  • If you are hungry to grow and to step into higher heights then this it is for you!

RT4 reshapes mindsets, establishes positive habits, engages healthy emotional responses, and activates your spiritual authority so you can reach the next level of favor, purpose, and influence in your life.  An RT4 coach, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, releases healing to these four key areas: behavior, memories, emotions, and spiritual authority. It is in these places you can find hurts and disappointments, boxing you in to be limited to what you know, trapping you in fear and not stepping into the unknown. This lack of trust in yourself, others, and God can hinder your growth and future.

RT4 guides you in a process of engaging with joy- God’s secret weapon of power and strength – to destroy the hurts of the past. This healing process is an open door for heavens agenda to be quickened in your life. The amazing results will not only free you, but draw you into your life’s purpose unhindered.

Transformation is produced in the following areas:


  • Disciplined lifestyle
  • Able to take risks and live a life filled with God adventures
  • Dream big dreams
  • Confidence dominating every step of your life
  • Discover solutions

  • Restore connections and relationships
  • Embracing change


  • Emotional stability
  • Being dominated by the Fruit of the Spirit
  • Being emotionally empowered and empowering others
  • Living in celebration – self and others
  • Being comfortable in uncomfortable places – walking in vulnerability
  • Ability to hear God in the unexpected
  • Righteousness, peace, and joy instead of worry, fear, and procrastination.


  • Mental stability
  • Holding onto the promises of God which eliminates the lifestyle of disappointments
  • Hope guides you
  • Freedom from stress
  • Find contentment and rest in the midst of silence
  • Walk with resolve having staying power
  • Operate in clarity and focus

Spiritual Authority:

  • Live in discernment and a life marked by overflow
  • Continually being astonished by God seeing impacting your world
  • Engage in revelation and transformation
  • Accessing your spiritual inheritance by eliminating guilt & condemnation
  • Operate in love with the gifts of the Spirit
  • Hear God clearly
  • Living a lifestyle completely and continually submitted to the Lordship of Jesus

During a typical session, coaches will take the lead. Trained to ask questions and guide conversation, coaches will listen, teach, and encourage based on Godly principles. In the completion of each session, coaches will pray with the client while setting goals and objectives for the coming week. As the client, you are simply asked to step out of your comfort zone, sharing honestly and without reserve. You can expect a change by stepping out of your comfort zone and old habits.

Goals and assignments will be given at the end of your first appointment. Your coach will direct you on how they would like you to do your homework and they will hold you accountable to complete your assignments. You are invited to invest extra time with the Lord and dedicate time for reflection and healthy changes to your lifestyle.

Each coaching program has a different suggest donation amount. We have found when you make an investment into your healing and destiny there are amazing results.

The proceeds from all donations support the further work of Kingdom Foundations in supporting its mission and vision.

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We desire for you to step into your full potential and want to make it possible for you. Email us for options on scheduling donations. info@kingdomfoundations.org

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Vision:  Modeling the life of Jesus, by daily hearing the Father and preaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

Mission:  To preach the Kingdom of God locally and globally; to release clarity, set people into identity, and restore broken hearts & heal heartened hearts.

Personal Testimonies

"Ravi is a gifted teacher. He is a caring and compassionate counselor who is eager to see his students grow beyond those areas of life that hinder and bankrupt true freedom and wholeness. Students benefit from the wisdom and kingdom revelation of Ravi’s teachings, making for an experience that brings practical change in a person’s life."
Robin Gutshall
Stay at Home Mom
"I am seeing people through different eyes by looking at them through compassion and realizing who they are not. This has helped me to heal in one particular relationship that I never thought would happen. When a person says things that have made me feel attacked in the past, I am not feeling anxious. I am quickly recognizing negativity and telling myself who I am not. This course will help you progress in your faith and in your walk. If you are stagnant or moving slowly, this will give you a big boost."
Connie Zehring

Welcome to RT4 Academy!

Propelling people into radical living with Jesus; never to be held back again