RT4 Parenting

5 Session Series

Radically transforming Families for Impact

It can be common to get stuck in the same problem repeatedly as parents. How many times have you faced a conversation or situation with your child or teen and thought, “why am I dealing with this again? Didn’t we already do this?”

Rather than progressing through challenges, we find ourselves cycling through the same issues and roadblocks.

We want breakthroughs for our kids. We want to train them up so they are secure young adults with strong minds and secure emotions who choose Jesus Christ for themselves.

In the RT4 ParentingTraining, Ravi and the team will share four personas which give us understanding and tools to help our kids move through challenges and walk confidently into their destiny.

This training will pair detailed explanations for identifying your child’s persona with live coaching sessions with Ravi. Parents share questions and struggles and Ravi speaks directly to the situation.

Whether you want to understand your child’s personality more or even your own parenting style more, this training is for you.

Registration is open to all. If you are in the life of a child, this course will help you bring impact.

During training, you will find Ravi showing up to help parents understand the needs of their children, knowing each child is unique. In this interview, you will see Ravi working with the parents of an Exodus child.

This training was recorded in a live course, and materials are now available as on demand course to glean from this training.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 5 Weeks

Course Instructor

Ravi Kandal Ravi Kandal Instructor

With the leading of the Lord in a time of personal need, Ravi Kandal encountered radical transformation. This brought about a complete shift for him personally. Now, marked with new-found freedom, he understood this experience was not just for him. He had a message to help bring freedom to others. This season extended into three years of development, producing what is now the RT4 coaching process. RT4 has been a life-changing experience for many. He counts it a privilege to journey with you to radical transformation.

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