Trust Repair, Part 2


You may never have realized this, but stress is a spirit and a gateway to every emotional issue.

Motivation works out of trust, but when you are dominated by stress you will have a strong negative filter killing your connection to motivation.

It is in this place you will find unbelief as your source. When stress has dominated your life you may see your self-image corrupted (you are not enough), it may feel like your friends are taking advantage of you, it may seem like your family doesn’t care, or God feels far away.

Many people have come to accept that stress is a part of their life and they grasp for coping management tools, but God’s desire is for you to be healed of stress. Healing works in removing stress and replacing it. There are four components that are God’s design to replace stress:

  • A Sense of Connection
  • Compassion
  • The Efficiency Mindset (Abundance Mindset)
  • The Consistency Mandate (A Sense of Identity)

In this course, we will unpack each one of the components through teaching, discussion, and personal homework assignments to bring healing. It is our hope and prayer that you would experience all that God has for you in a trust-filled life.

Remembering His Promises,
Ravi Kandal

Course Instructors

Ravi Kandal Ravi Kandal Coach

With the leading of the Lord in a time of personal need, Ravi Kandal encountered radical transformation. This brought about a complete shift for him personally. Now, marked with new-found freedom, he understood this experience was not just for him. He had a message to help bring freedom to others. This season extended into three years of development, producing what is now the RT4 coaching process. RT4 has been a life-changing experience for many. He counts it a privilege to journey with you to radical transformation.

Julie Kandal Julie Kandal Instructor

Julie is married to Ravi Kandal, and they founded Kingdom Foundations together in 2004. Both share a passion to see the love of Christ to encounter those living in darkness with tangible expressions of love and freedom. Currently, they reside with their four biological children in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, where they minister truth and destiny through God’s word. Separated by the ocean, but united as a family, their eight Indian, adult, adopted children reside in India.

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