Relationship Intelligence Group Coaching

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Restore Peace & Personal Power

In these uncertain times, couples are experiencing unprecedented pressures leading to more frequent miscommunication, a deeper sense of isolation and increased loneliness. Because we believe emotional health and freedom in close relationships is possible and even probable, we want to help you re-establish a sense of closeness in your most important relationships.

  • Limited availability – Only 30 seats available
  • 9 Week Online Program Starting January 21st, 7pm eastern
  • $1,000
  • Automatic enrollment in RT4 e-course Relationship Intelligence

With your registration in the Relationship Intelligence Group Coaching Experience You will:

  • Get access to live teaching sessions with Ravi as he guides you through common behaviors sabotaging your closest relationships.
  • Get live coaching and ministry from Ravi in a close knit, group setting.
  • Establish healthy expectations for your relationships.
  • Receive healing in your emotions.
  • Learn how to love and listen well.
  • Be prayed over by name for the 9 week duration of the course.
  • Get lifetime access to course materials.

It’s time to re-establish healthy connections in your closest relationships.


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NOTE: Coupon code expires 1/21/2021