Week 1: The Healing of Independency – We are made to depend on each other

Week One Challenge

This challenge has two parts. The first part is a set of questions designed to help you reflect upon your experience and externalize your thinking and memories. The second part is using a declaration to rewire our mind, will and emotions to truth.

Part 1: Reflection

  1. What ah-ha moment did you have from the first class. How will you let this impact your life?
  • This line of questions looks into your childhood memory. It is important to note that when you think back, think back with grace and as an observer. There is no need to place judgement. You are identifying who impacted you and how so you can identify patterns of emotion and behavior affecting you now.
  • Do you remember feeling pressure from any one person as a child?
  • Do you remember feeling anger as a child? Was it directed at any one person consistently?
  • As you continue along your memory, do you see either of these types of relationships occurring repeatedly with different people? (Here is an example: as a child I felt pressure from my father to be perform in sports. I often felt angry in my interactions with him. Throughout my life I also experienced this same anger when I related to my boss and my spouse.)

Part 2: Declaration

Declarations rewire our mind, will and emotions. We speak the truth and the truth sets us free. Declarations are very effective when personal. For the purpose of this challenge, a declaration is provided which corresponds to Ravi’s teaching on dependability. Please feel free to personalize your declaration if you want.

Speak out a declaration before bed each evening.

Lord, you can depend on me. I want you to trust me. I will be dependable for others.

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