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During this trying time of the Coronavirus, many are experiencing new and intensified emotions.  Fear has gripped so many as news and social media are filled with negative and fearful thoughts.  It is now a time to get control of our emotions so we can live in God’s peace and rest.  Fear is a manifestation of grief and shame which often brings anger. Are you finding yourself angry and fearful which is triggering grief and shame?

Trust is a behavior, born out of right thinking and healed emotions. We will explore these two fundamentals in this course. The results will bring restoration in right thinking and healthy emotions. The goal of this course is to give you 4 keys to create right godly thinking and 4 additional keys to help you live with healthy emotions. This course is prayerfully designed to see your trust repaired and help you experience the inheritance of wealth that God has for your life.

We all know change is inevitable. Every new season is an opportunity for growth and greater authority. In looking back, you can identify that in every transition you encountered there has been an opportunity to step into the next level of maturity. Of course, we all want to reap the benefits of maturity and greater authority – then why do we resist change and find it so challenging to embrace? Perhaps the answer can be found in our perception of risk as we fear what the change may bring. The goal of this course is to give you the tools to be able to respond to life with adaptability and flexibility that produce greater maturity in your life.

Prophetic intelligence allows you to know how to communicate the things of God, taking them beyond simply hearing to making practical applications.  Prayer combined with hearing God’s voice and knowing how to respond is incredibly powerful.

Relationship Intelligence is the ability to know the heart of who you are listening to and to become a safe voice that can be heard. The evidence of a healthy relationship intelligence is your ability to establish a connection with someone and to live with purpose as you interact and communicate with them.